About Us: Designer Wall Finishes in Dubai

Robbie Mansour, Founder of Designer Wall Finishes and Green Time Painting & Design.
Robbie fell in love with venetian plaster in 2013 shortly after starting his eco-friendly painting business in Ottawa, Canada.
Origin Story:
I discovered venetian plaster when I was visiting my home country Lebanon.
I walked into my cousins’ apartment and I saw a GIANT piece of marble on the living room wall.
I ran my fingers across the smooth walls and I asked “is this marble?”
“It’s Stucco” my cousin Karim replied…
After returning to Ottawa, I spent months looking for “stucco,” but all I could find was a different types of stucco for exterior walls.
Finally, I found out it was called Venetian Plaster (stucco is a type of venetian plaster).
I started by practicing on my own walls which was a disaster. I had to redo a many walls more than twice.
At one point I said, “okay I’m going to learn from someone who actually knows what they are doing.”
I began looking online and around town for someone with experience with venetian plaster but I had no luck. Even painters who had been painting for decades could not help me.
It became apparent to me that not everybody visited my cousin Karim’s apartment in Lebanon.
I dug deeper and eventually connected with venetian plaster gurus in Australia and North America. They became my mentors, sharing their knowledge and helping me become a decorative finisher.
I made my way back to Canada, bursting with all the knowledge I gained on my venetian plaster adventures. That’s when I decided to take things up a notch and infuse venetian plaster with creativity, music, lights, plants, decor and an incredible vibe.
I wanted to transform homes, restaurants, and nightclubs into a masterpiece. I’m talking interiors  that give you chills, especially when you add lights and music.
Venetian plaster opened my eyes to other beautiful finishes like Limewash, Microcement other decorative finishes.
Nowadays, I’m teaming up with some seriously talented Artisans, Designers, and Clients.
together, we’re creating masterpieces.
Thank you for joining us on this wild ride!

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